Sale Black Bluetooth connected  DWQVGJQLB

Black Bluetooth connected DWQVGJQLB

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SMARTE wristwatch IOS Android Samsung iPhone HTC LG wireless Bluetooth
The Bluetooth function of this technology jewelry you will receive calls directly from your wrist and you also warns SMS receptions. It also inyegre an antiperte function that will allow you to vibrate your phone on a distance of 10 metres.
This bracelet connected is also shown. With its 250mAh battery, this connected Watch has an autonomy of 168 hours, without interruption!
This connected watch is equipped with a triaxial accelerometer sensor, which during your jogging will measure the number of steps, the distance traveled, calories burned!
Comes with cradle dock, you'll be able to recharge this jewelry with ease!

Black Bluetooth connected watch DWQVGJQLB

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